Your intuition and you, part 1

Your intuition and you, part 1

Let’s commence

Whether you are in tune with yourself, you are a skeptic or even if you go about your day to day paying no mind to anything actually happening about you, your intuition is at play and works to help keep you safe and sound in all that you do. My aim in taking you through the next few blog installments is to show you ways to get in touch with your inner self and intuition to not only make you aware of how you truly feel but to show you how to use it and trust it.

The next few installments will take you through the following aspects:

  • Getting in touch with your inner self
  • Grounding, mediation and the importance of clearing your mind
  • Getting used to your intuition
  • Using your intuition in day to day life
  • Using your intuition in relationships
  • Using your intuition to work on you
  • Using your intuition in the workplace

This is a guide to help align you with yourself again, to help you grow emotionally and spiritually so that you can be a more in tune with the world around in a way that you feel in control and able to handle it all.

This leads me into the first blog, and what I feel is the most important topic:

Getting in touch with you.

Before we go anywhere, I want to bring your attention to how you are at this very moment. What are you wearing? Why are you wearing it? How does what you are wearing make you feel? Do you want to feel that way? Sorry about the Spanish inquisition but the aim of the questions is to show you that with every choice you make, there is a reason and rationale behind it. You could be wearing it because it’s comfortable and it makes you feel safe and secure or you could be wearing something that makes you feel strong and sexy. The reason will mostly be because you wanted to feel a certain way and clothing is something easy you can control to help make you feel something.

The same could be said about food. What is your go to comfort meal? Why does it bring you comfort and how does it make you feel? What about what you eat when you want to feel better and healthier? What is the meal that makes you feel like you are the epitome of health and beauty? Why does it make you feel that way? Because in your mind, you know… you have this little inner voice, a ‘gut’ feeling telling you that at this moment, this is what you should be eating to feel great and look great. Just like the comfort meal will make you comforted, content, full and warm. Like a big warm hug on the inside.

The reason I bring the above 2 examples to you is simple, your choice in your day to day can tell you so much about yourself that you may not be listening to. If you are listening to it and feel in touch with yourself then that is awesome! But I am guessing there are few people like me out there who whilst you are in touch with yourself, you tend to drop out of touch now and then and sometimes need a reminder to pick up the phone and check in to see how you are going. That is the purpose of this chapter. Let’s check in with ourselves and see how we are really going cause until you are connected with yourself, your ability to trust in and follow your intuition will be muted and a lot more difficult to grasp.

Let’s get started

For the next week, my suggestion to you is to take 5-10 minutes to yourself each day just to check in and see how you are going. All you have to do in this 5-10 minute check in is the following 5 steps.

  1. Look in a mirror, look yourself in the eye and smile a hello to yourself. That’s it, even chuck in a wave if that will make you smile even harder. The important bit here is to meet your eyes; these are the key to seeing your inner self cause the eyes don’t lie.
  2. Take a deep breath or two and on the exhale, ask yourself how you are feeling. Truly, honestly feeling and say it out loud the emotion you are experiencing. For example “I feel exhausted” or “I feel wonderful”.
  3. Validate how you feel. Again, look yourself in the eye and say to yourself that it is ok to feel that way. No matter how you are feeling, no matter how bad you think you are… it is ok to feel that way and you need to tell yourself that.
  4. Say/do something that brings you joy. It doesn’t have to be about you, it can literally be about anything. You tell yourself “I love you” or “the bathroom tiles are a really nice color” or dance on the spot for a moment, heck make a silly random noise that makes you smile but the idea is to get some positivity out there! Lifting your spirits up, making your inner self a little happier and surrounding it with joy.
  5. Make a promise to yourself to do something that you really really want for you on that day. That could be a special coffee, a treat yo’ self dinner, 15 mins less at the gym, a facial or mask before bed. Close your eyes and really think about what it is that you want on this day, at this moment or in a few hours, aside win a few million dollars cause let’s be honest… that probably won’t happen today 🙁

Now, let me tell you why.

  1. Most people never actually properly look at themselves and that’s because unless you have confidence coming out the wazoo it can actually be pretty confronting. That confrontation is very important though, how can you be in touch with yourself if you don’t recognize yourself? Your new lines, your smile, your cute little freckle that you’ve never noticed before. You need to establish that connection to your eyes, just as you would saying hello to a stranger to find that connection to your inner self. If you really struggle to look in the mirror at yourself, this is a good way to begin to mend that relationship with yourself but take it slow. If all you can do is look at yourself for a few moments, that’s ok! This is a journey, take your time.
  2. We keep our emotions in check pretty much all the time. Feel a bit of anger? Mutter a cuss word and squish that down cause you have more important things to worry about. Someone said something that hurt you? Quick cover it up and forget about it because you don’t want to feel bad or sad right now. But then what happens to that emotion? It just sits there, festering in your inner self and silently drains away your energy. This step forces you to acknowledge how you actually feel and say it out loud rather than just pushing it to the side and swallowing it down. No matter how bad it is how good it is or if it feels like nothing, it’s important and needs to be felt rather than pushed aside like it is unimportant. By brushing it aside, you are telling your inner self that it is not ok to feel that way and that it is doing something wrong, which leads me into….
  3. VALIDATE THAT FEELING! It’s ok to feel whatever it is you are feeling. It’s SO important to feel it and let it pass, to feel it and let it go. By feeling it and acknowledging it, you are allowing yourself to be your true inner self, to be authentic and trust in yourself that you are doing the right thing. Is it going to hurt sometimes? Yes. Is it going to make you sad at other times? Yes! But that is ok! You are allowed to feel bad feelings, it doesn’t make you weak to have them, it makes you strong. It means you can be you and that you are strong enough to listen to you and look after you. Even if you don’t believe that you should be feeling that way, just say the words and you’ve already done the hard part. You can do this.
  4. Releasing and letting out an emotion can be draining or confronting for some. You are letting your guard down to yourself and making yourself vulnerable so. This is why it is important to then surround yourself with something that is light, beautiful and uplifting. A smile, a laugh or a sharp exhale through the nose are all ways of giving yourself a little bit of positivity. I used to feel so stupid doing it, and I still do, but when I need to cheer myself up or give myself some positivity I pretend I am at a Karaoke and sing an embarrassing song with exaggerated facials and a purposefully bad voice. It makes me take myself less seriously and I honestly can’t stop myself from smiling and laughing, even if I feel like a fool. It’s empowering almost. But do something, ANYTHING, to get that positive vibe up to that wonderful smile of yours.
  5. There are only a handful of things that let me down like a broken promise. How many promises do you break to yourself weekly or even daily? What about if you made a promise to yourself, didn’t break it and the reward was something that makes you smile like a Vanilla Cream Cold Brew from Star Bucks? The point of this is to build trust between you and your inner self, to not let yourself down. If you promise yourself 30 mins at the gym because it will make you feel awesome afterwards, DO IT! If you promise yourself a silky smooth hot chocolate before bed with marshmallows because work today kicked your butt, DO IT! Keep just one promise a day to yourself, learn to rely on yourself for good things and show yourself that you can be there for you, no matter what. Little steps = big changes in the long run.

To conclude

I can imagine this is a lot to take in, may even feel like a lot of work but all it is, is 5-10 minutes a day to work on your relationship with yourself. A building, repairing and getting in tune with your inner self is honestly the first step to becoming in tune with your intuition. The voice of your inner self, the voice that wants to become your side kick and help you along the way to wherever it is you are headed.

Most importantly, try to remember to treat yourself and your body with love in all that you do. The longest and most important relationship you will ever have is with you, maybe now is the time to take it seriously and give it the attention it deserves.

In the next installment, I am going to give you some really useful tools and exercises for grounding yourself, forms of meditation and their benefits and how this can help you with your intuition.

Peace and love,


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  1. I really needed to be reminded to get back in touch with myself again .the steps you offer will be my way forward from today , thank you Steff ,

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