The two little girls

The two little girls

I’ll always do some meditating before a cleanse. Sometimes I will write, sometimes I’ll close my eyes and connect with the spirit before hand and sometimes I’ll draw. I’m not very good; usually it’s sketches done in pen.

It’s a chance to get some anchor or validation points so I know I’m on the right track when I’m onsite.

This is also a chance for the spirit to give me some information that they might want me to know. There have also been times that I have taken this opportunity to calm or provide the spirit with assurance.  Even a warning or two.

This cleanse I had drawn two things but the strongest image was a small girl with a smock on. The view was from the side and her legs were running and her arms were out in front like she was running towards a loved one. The other image was a young woman, motherly but not matronly.

I have posted this picture and scribble on Instagram.

The request

The catalyst for many requests is a child not able to sleep in their room. They are sensitive to spirits- it’s not always bad but it can still be frightening for them.

This request was a referral from one of my friends that I had already helped. The family was beautiful but the parents were worried that their daughter wasn’t sleeping in her room. Both of them said that they also felt a little funny in the room too. I always respect this; if an occupant of a house doesn’t feel comfortable it’s a red flag.

The house was new and had a good vibe throughout but they were right, the daughters room was a little off. My mind came back to the little girl in the drawing.

The rescue

I knew that the cleanse was going to happen in that room so I got my things ready. I instinctively went down on the ground.

It took me a little while to get in the zone. Eventually I could feel her with me and I asked her some questions: why she was here, why she hadn’t passed over. She said that she didn’t know how to pass over and that she was hanging out with the living girl because she wanted to be around someone.

I also think that she wanted to enjoy the life she hadn’t had by being around the little girl of the house.

So I asked for some light so that she could start moving on. There was some resistance there but not from her- from the mother that had passed. I have not worked that out yet, maybe she was just a private person. Maybe it’s not for me to know.

The opening of light is different for everyone. This one I saw the bottom half of a wooden door open and light come through. Then I saw the little girl run through the door with arms outreached. The door slammed shut quickly after.


I smudged the house after this just to reset the vibes in that room. Usually I will smudge the whole house as I like to be thorough with the job. When I entered her room again I kept on being told about Amethyst. Amethyst, Amethyst, Amethyst.

I got to the parents room and there was a little mattress next to their bed with a little pillow and blankets. It gave me a small jerk of sadness for the little girl of the family whom I had not met. The empty little bed was a symbol of her uncomfort and the things that parents will do for their little innocent children.

Once I reached the front door again I quickly scanned the house- I just run a quick wave through from front to back to make sure the energy is all settled. When I got to the little girls room it was shining brighter than all of the others. This was a happy confirmation to me.

The final step

When I was gathering my things I asked the parents if they would be open to getting their daughter an Amethyst. I didn’t know why the spirits wanted me to pass this on but it had to be said. They agreed that she would love the idea. Apparently purple had recently started becoming her favourite colour.

Sometimes additional steps on the occupants part will be provided. This may be an instruction from me or, like in this case, from spirit guides. They were quite forceful with the Amethyst thing.

I wish this gorgeous family the warmest wishes of light and love. And I hope the little girl is at peace and reunited with her journey.

Erin- L&B

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