Client Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials from clients we have previously worked with. 

I got in contact with Erin because my son (8) had been having a lot of difficulties settling at night and on a few occasions spoke about someone else being in there. I put it down to imagination but then thought there’d be no harm in having my house and in particular his room cleansed.
Erin was very good with my son and spoke to him about the happenings in a very friendly and easy to understand way for a child.

That night my son slept much better in his room and was very obviously relieved that the spirit had (oddly enough) left the house with Erin for her to help it pass. Highly recommend Erin to anyone but especially if young children are involved.
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house cleanse and rescue
When visiting family, there was one particular room in the house that always had a weird vibe.

Both myself and my daughter (1 year old) would always have a terrible night every time we slept in that room.

Erin came to do a spirit cleanse and there has definitely been a change in energy. We don’t have any trouble sleeping in that room anymore.

I also got Erin to do an energy cleanse on my house as the energy in the house felt very negative from previous owners. I highly recommend Erin.
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spirit activity in one house and negative energy in another
I’m all about having and creating good vibes and that is exactly what Erin achieved when she cleansed my home.

Erin took the time to sit down with me and listen to what I had been experiencing, gave not only her support but advice and talked me through each step that we needed to take to adjust the balance of energy in my home.

I can not believe the difference I felt after our session together! Erin was caring and supportive throughout the journey. She’s full of wonderful information and was more than happy to answer all my questions! I highly recommend.
testimonials spirit cleansing light bright
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