Our Process

Our Process requires multiple steps in order to make sure provide the best protection possible. 

A cleanse is comprised of a few steps

Step 1

When you contact us we will have some questions that we ask to establish what you need and if we can help. If you decide to, we set a time for a visit.

Step 2

After speaking with you a meditation or premonition will be done. This takes anywhere between 20 minutes and an hour and may be done multiple times. Nothing is required from you at this point.

Step 3

On the visit we will do a walk around the space to see what energy is around and where we need to spend more time. We then attempt to get in touch with the spirits and determine why they are stuck. This then leads to us helping them over to the other side. This can be a quick process or may need some time and we will let you know if more time is needed.

Step 4

After the spirit has passed over we will do a smudge or blessing of the entire space to clear any residual negative energy. At the end of this we will scan the property to make sure everything is positive and bright.

Step 5

We will then have a chat with you and let you know what we found and what happened. At this point we might provide you with some additional steps or recommendations. Sometimes you might benefit from a specific crystal or we may teach you some breathing techniques or we may recommend some meditation videos to listen to.

Step 6

The time at the space can take an hour or more depending on the size and rooms and the cooperation of the spirit.