One of the first experiences

One of the first experiences

This is one of the first happenings when I was in my twenties. It didn’t start me working on my abilities but it did get me thinking about them. Maybe it’s been part of me since I was born but I certainly didn’t pay any attention to it.

A bit of history

When I was young I was lucky enough to be taken in by my beautiful aunt and uncle (now most importantly known as Mum and Dad). They are humble, honest, warm and guided by morals which they have passed onto us kids. They are unapologetically strong, challenging and unwavering; I respect and love them unconditionally.

My brother and I lost our fraternal mum when I was 7 and he was 5.

While I can’t remember anything before this instance I’m 100% sure she’s been with me prior to it. I have been told that she takes the ownership of my spiritual sensitivity so props to her. It leaves me to wonder if it’s her gift to me because she can’t be here in the flesh.

I digress…

Anyway, I was lying in bed late one night. I was at my boyfriend’s house at the time and had some growth to do as a human being and young adult. I’d been coasting through life with no meaning. Mum and Dad requested that I do something with myself; they suggested I should become a helicopter pilot. In hindsight that seems like a spectacular idea but I was in the moment that that time. You may relate.

So I’m lying there, lights are on, some music is playing in the background and the boys are talking among themselves but they start getting duller and further into the background. I’m pretty chilled and I start hearing a voice; it’s soft and womanly and I’m not alarmed. I was pretty relaxed and my wariness was not spiked, so I just let it roll over me.

The voice started getting stronger and I could distinguish the words. I felt I was being read a letter by my spirit mother voicing her wishes for me as a person, a woman, my future and dreams. It was a very powerful moment for me.

Yes, Mum and Dad had told me some of this before 100 times. Yes I had listened- no I had not acted on their advice. I’ve apologised many a time to them for this.

To wrap it up.

This was a big turning moment in my life. Those that have known me for a while may have seen the physical changes in me and the difference in decisions I made, but may not have been aware of why. I look back now and realise that this moment effected me deeply and I’m happy that I was provided with experience. I think it was the start of ‘first mum’ being an active part of my spiritual life and an indication of all the things to come…

Erin- L&B

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