Many people can benefit from meditation and taking some time to slow down for a few moments. I also recommend children learn this as well; it will set them up for balanced thinking but also they may need it if they are open to spirits. If I cleanse your house I may recommend some specific meditations but below are some good places to start.

I do all my meditating from free YouTube. They are all ad free for the duration of the meditation, even the 10 hour selections.
Below are some search words for more specific needs:

Children’s meditation- under this search there is plenty of before bed meditations.

Anger meditation for kids- short meditations.

Anxiety meditation for kids- short meditations.

Guided meditation for (young teens to adults)- anxiety, worry, positive thinking, protection, abundance, self love, anger.

Guided meditation to cleanse chakras.

White noise- longer noise only.

Rain- longer noise only.

Beach sounds- longer noise only.