Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions I usually recieve before or during a clense. 

What’s the difference between a cleanse and a balance?

A cleanse will remove spirits and protect from future spirits. A balance will change the energy, not necessarily remove spirits but we can also do some protection for future spirits with this too.

Will a cleanse get rid of the nice spirits around?

Spirits that have passed over already can come to see you when they want to or when you ask them to. They may be around because they are protecting you from the negative ones and if this is the case they may take a step back once the negative ones are gone.

How long does a cleanse, rescue or balance take?

Usually a cleanse and rescue will take about an hour at your house/space. If the spirit is stubborn it may take longer and if they are ready to go it can go a little faster. A balance will take about 45 mins.

Do you need to go in all rooms of the property?

Yes, the cleanse needs to go through every room and this is the same for a balance. You don’t want to leave any place uncleansed as it may harbor the negative energy or spirit. The rescue part takes place in the area where the spirit is strongest.

Can a house hold energy from previous owners?

Yes, any space can hold onto energy and this can then change your energy or your family and guests energy. I have done energy balances on houses where the previous owners have divorced etc.

My child doesn’t like sleeping in their room, can you help?

Yes, I would have some initial questions for you which we can chat about before I come over and then I will let you know from there whether I can help and we can arrange a time for me to check out the space.

How do spirits get stuck?

Usually they get stuck because they have done something in life that they aren’t proud of what they did in life or they experienced trauma. Their guilt, shame, anxiety of facing what they did, hate, anger, grief and sadness can all hold them here. They may also be experiencing a certain traumatic moment over and over and this holds them back.

Why would you want to rescue bad spirits?

They aren’t all bad; some may need some healing before going over, some may need guidance because they were young and didn’t know what to do at the time they passed. The bad ones still need help because their actions are now effecting humans, either on purpose or not, and this isn’t ideal.

What if a space feels bad but I don’t think there’s a spirit there?

It may be residual energy that you’re tapping into and I can cleanse that. Not everyone has direct contact with spirits either; this is for a number of reasons but there can still be one there.

Why would I start experiencing this now?

There would be a catalyst for it, either physically or emotionally. You might be doing renovations or thinking about changing something around, you may be going through some stress or you may have inadvertently brought something in.

Can religious objects be used in the cleanse?

Yes, if you are of a certain religious belief or you have something that you would to be incorporated in the cleanse I can certainly do that.