Crystal Care

As part of the service I may recommend a crystal or bring a crystal with me to give to you. If you’re new to crystals or need a quick guide I’ve provided some information here for you. If something suits you better, or you’ve done it differently in the past, please use that method.

Picking your crystal:

I will bring a crystal if it’s for a specific purpose and provide the way in which I want you to use it. If something is told to me while I’m cleansing the property I will recommend it for you to get in your own time. Mostly a crystal will pick you; don’t think too much about it and always go with the one that initially stands out to you.

Cleansing your stones:

When you get a crystal it’s best to cleanse them because they may have residual energy attached by previous locations or handlers. Most stones are sensitive to sunlight and some will dissolve or lose vibrancy/clarity in water so I like to use smoke. If you chose another method please make sure that it’s ok for the stone that you have.

To cleanse in smoke simply light 3 sticks of incense or some loose dried sage (smudge sticks can be expensive). Hold the crystal over the smoke and rotate and roll it around to allow the smoke to cover all surfaces of the stone. You might like to say aloud or think something along the lines of “I’m cleansing my crystal of any residual negativity and replacing it with love and purity so that we can work together in harmony”. You can also do this with your jewellery, cards and other spiritual items.

Always make sure your incense or sage is completely extinguished before you leave it unattended.

Recharging your crystals:

I like to charge my stones in the moonlight with them touching some soil. The best time to do this is on the full moon but you can do it on the night either side of the full moon too.

They shouldn’t be out in the direct sunlight so think about your spot; if you’re a late riser it would be best for you to put it somewhere that won’t get the early morning sunlight. As I have animals that are nosey I put my smaller one’s in a pot plant.

Any crystals that can’t get wet can be placed on a windowsill, just remember to move it before the sunlight hits it.

Bringing your crystals closer to you:

When I get new crystals, provided they can get wet, I take them into the shower with me after they have been cleansed. This aligns you both so that you can work in harmony and so that you have a greater understanding of each other.