An unexpected work guest with a funny ending

An unexpected work guest with a funny ending

Cleansing and spirit rescue isn’t the only job that I have; I also work full time for a large company and I teach Taekwondo 3 times a week as well.

This was the first spirit I actually helped over with the assistance of his lovely little grandma.

This experience started at the office.

I used to work the later night shifts, finishing at 10 or 11pm. After 9 or 10pm I would be on my level of the building by myself which was fine- it is well lit and there were still people around but they were over the other side. The building car park backs onto train tracks and my seat was at the back of the building so I could see over the car park to the tracks.

At this time I didn’t know how to help spirits pass over either.

Sometimes when I was alone, my hair would move. I once heard talking in my ear (head?) while I was listening to music and I used to get really itchy. We used to have laminated name labels on the back of our chairs and one night I felt the back of my chair being being ruffled. My name label came off the back of my chair and when I turned around it was about 4 metres away from me, so that was weird.

There were some changes to shifts.

So for a good 2 year period I didn’t really work by myself late at night and I kind of forgot about the happenings. Then things changed again and on a Sunday night I was again by myself up there. My desk position had changed slightly.

During the week I had an inkling that I would hear from him because it dawned on me that I would be alone again. And I started getting itchy again. I was ok with this- not the itching but the thought of being around him again. I wasn’t frightened and it was time that I tried to help get a spirit over.

As the spirit and I had spent some time together I almost felt like we were friends meeting again. I still made sure I was protected- I didn’t want to be too gullible and end up in a pickle.

On the night…

I was typing away and the last person had left about 15 minutes prior. My right arm started to get hot. Well I wasn’t quite ready; I still had some living people that needed my immediate attention so I told him that I was going to help but he needed to wait.

Five minutes later my arm is getting hot again and I feel like that arm is being pulled so I would turn around. I wound up what I was doing for him and turned around. I was due for a break anyway.

At this point I didn’t see anything, I didn’t need to, he was familiar. I walked over to where my old seat was and closed my eyes. I took a few deep breaths and closed my eyes.

The rescue was starting.

The next bit all happened quite quickly. Maybe, because it was my first rescue, I was being guided. There’s no time over there so they would not have felt like they were rushing me. I asked him to come forward if he was present. Well-

He was right in my face. So up close that I felt like I had to move my head back. Despite just asking him to come forward, I then had to ask him to take a small step back haha. He politely respected my wishes. I think he was excited that it was his time in retrospect.

We had a chat; I asked him why he was stuck here. He advised that he felt bad he had kept his family waiting. I asked for him name. I felt like he had lived in a suburb nearish to where we were. It was my feeling that he had lost or taken his life near by. I also felt that he was on his way to a family gathering or they were waiting for him but he had no intention of arriving.

A little help from the other side.

He started to get excited again and got all up in my face again. I was opening up a circle light for him but because he was in my face he couldn’t see it. I asked him to look for the lovely warm bright light.

As he was looking, a gorgeous little old lady came through the from the other side of the light circle. She was prim and proper, very short and had cropped grey hair in a curled up bob. She had a long skirt, a blouse and cardigan on.

“Look for your grandma”, I urged.

He turned and she took him by the arm and they walked back into the light. Perfect.

I sat there for a little bit and the relief and happiness that came over me in a huge wave was an incredible feeling. This feeling denotes the rescue has been completed. It also a nice feeling for the end of what can sometimes be an arduous task mentally and emotionally.

A humorous ending.

I sat back at my desk feeling invigorated and hoping that I had done what was needed to. I hadn’t done this before so I didn’t want to jump ahead and think it was done when it might not have been. So I asked the spirit to let me know if I had helped. And I told him that I would be in the same place at the same time next week if he needed a second try.

So, that night, I come home and I tell my husband about my rescue. We have a quick supper and go to bed.

I can’t sleep. The spirit’s in my door way. I turn over to face away. Still no sleep.

I watch about 5 YouTube videos on the most boring subject I can find. Still no sleep.

Now I have to go to the bathroom. But he’s still in the doorway. I get up and he moves aside for me.

I get back to the bedroom doorway and my phone screen has somehow rotated so that when I come back to the door, I can read it front on, not upside down. It is a black screen with THANK YOU in white across the full screen. It’s on the end of the video for 8 minutes.

I turn to the spirit and tell him he’s welcome and laugh- he dispels into white sparkles and he glitters up and away.

He’d been waiting all night to say thank you and I was ignoring him because I was scared. But he waited around until there was an opportunity to tell me. What a sweetie.

We shared a few nice things along the way, one funny moment and I got to meet his lil grandma. I’ll never forget any of my rescues but James will be remembered for his friendliness, excitement and cheekiness. I hope you’re enjoying the next part of your journey James.

Erin- L&B

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