Our Story

Like many people I find this part hard to write, so let’s start off with the easy part; my name is Erin and I live on the Central Coast NSW. I have a full time office job, a great husband, awesome family and amazing friends.

I started becoming aware of my sensitivity to spirits towards the end of my twenties when I had an operation and witnessed some strange occurrences just before and after. Since then I’ve been learning what means a lot to me and practicing what I can do. I have had a small handful of friends and mentors that have really helped me along the way and I aim to learn as much as I can in my time here.

I’m passionate about many things but helping lost souls over to the light really rings true to me. This gives me the opportunity to help spirits in need but also gives me the opportunity to help living people get the most out of their everyday. We should be enjoying ourselves, our family, our space as much as possible and this is what I hope to provide people. 

erin owner light bright
Erin Ditterick-Booth - Owner of Light & Bright

Aside from my family my other love in life is instructing and training Taekwondo. I have been training for 24 years and have been instructing for more than 9 years; I love the tradition, discipline and seeing my students excel. My dad was my instructor through my childhood to teens and I now honour him by keeping the tradition. Part of teaching Taekwondo means I have to keep up to date with Working with Children checks and First Aid so I hope you can feel comfortable with me in your space.