A sweet and helpful old man

A sweet and helpful old man

Often times the humans affected by the activity have a correlation to the spirits. Many times this is actually to help to us; this cleansing is an example of the spirit helping the humans.

This particular family also requested that I not remove the spirits if they were positive or family. I think this is nice and respect this decision.


As the universe has it, a number of my friends are sensitive and at different parts of their spiritual journey. One of my friends recommended me to her best friend.

I started the cleansing like always with a walk through the house. The house was recently renovated, it looked beautiful. I, however, was seeing a different house.

In the front rooms where the bedrooms now were, I was seeing a living room and kitchen.

After the walk through the mother of the young family and I had a chat. I didn’t know anything about her or the family but started channeling information on the kids and both sides of the family. This was a first for me but it worked really well and I now try to do this with all cleansings.

The connection

In the house I was sensing an older man. He meant no harm; he was walking around the house in it’s old settingĀ  and enjoyed the old living room area which is where the family was experiencing the most disruption.

After allowing him to get closer to me I could feel his intention. He was worried and wanted to warn the family. He was a hard worker and provided for his family but worked long hours and didn’t get to see them very much. This is why he liked the living room- it was where he was happiest.

When chatting to the woman I had asked her if her husband was currently working long hours which she confirmed. She also advised that she was also about to head back to work herself.

This change was what the spirit man was trying to get there attention about.

The warning

In this instance he wanted them to take it easy and remember the importance of family time. He didn’t want them to make the same mistakes he did. He didn’t want them to regret not being at home and enjoying their family time.

After passing on this message to the owner she advised that the information was taken on board. His downfalls allowed her to plan and be aware of the potential challenges for the upcoming changes.

I advised that he meant no harm but would probably come back to say hi when changes were coming in the future. She acknowledged that if she felt him or saw him around that she would recognise the warning and be aware of upcoming challenges.

All is well

I recently saw this family at the shops and they let me know that all is well in the house. This was great to hear.

This cleansing taught me to channel throughout the cleansing to gain more information on the situation. I also realised that I needed to be aware of connections between the living and the passed. This helps the spirit to relax and settle down as well as allowing the living to gain hints and tips from the otherside.

I am very grateful for this cleansing/reading and it always makes me feel happy when I remember the beautiful family and spirit.

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