A cleansing that turned into a reading

A cleansing that turned into a reading

Up until this point I hadn’t done any readings; I thought my skills didn’t cover that ability. In hindsight it’s probably best that all my skills didn’t (and haven’t) come to me as a flood of overwhelming change.

I like learning by jumping into the deep end and learning by experience but now I think about it, that would not be the safest way with the other side. Especially when I can come into some angry spirits.

Usually I go through a length of time where I learn a specific technique and explore it. Then the universe gives me time to practice and get experience with the skill.

A friend in need

One of my Taekwondo students was experiencing some disturbances at her house. We get along wonderfully and I consider her a friend. Doors were opening, necklaces were jingling and the TV was turning on at a loud volume in the middle of the night.

Like most families they have some conflict which I was aware of in the background. One of her daughters friends had just passed away as well.

After walking through I picked out a few places which she confirmed as areas of activity- the area next to her husbands side of the bed, one of the lounges in the living room and a corner of the dining room area. At this point I did not feel anything negative in the house.

We decided to sit down at the dining table to discuss.

Someone else was at the table with us

To my right, in the corner of the room I could feel a nice man. On my way to her place I was getting a male ‘G’ name which was stuck n my head. When I went to say that name my mouth said a different ‘G’ name. The names were very similar, same length and only 1 letter different. I will touch on this a little further into this post.

After describing his body language, demeanor and personality, then saying his correct name, my friend told me who it was. It was her husbands dad.

We ended up talking for about 2 hours. Most of this time he was with us and I was speaking with him as I was speaking with her. It was effortless and I was able to connect with ease. Myself and ‘G’ ended up answering many questions for her.

A follow up

I had just unexpectedly done my first real reading and was excited. She was happy with the results as she asked if I could come back when her husband was there.

We arranged this but we got the days mixed up. I like to be healthy and relaxed for a cleansing. I also prepare the day before as well as on my way to the person’s house. The day she wanted was a very busy day for me and I was feeling a little hungover so it was not an optimum setting.

The reading was meant to be for her husband but when I was trying to connect, I felt I was getting blocked at my throat. He works long hours and was tired so he went to bed. After which, I did connect for a few moments with his mum while my friend and I were chatting.

It was not a successful follow up reading at all, I felt.

Months later

My friend advised me that the noises and banging and TVĀ  were quite extensive and she was reaching her limit. At this point she got an unexpected door visit from a Christian friend. They advised her to start praying and the noises would stop.

They also advised her that my skills were not from God and made it worse.

She is a very strong lady and did start praying and the activity did diminish. I am grateful that she is no longer pestered by the noises and feel no hostility to her visitors.

I believe that the first time I went to her place there was nothing there, just her father in law passing on some needed messages. The second time I went there I think there was something else in the house but I was being blocked from connecting with anything as I was not in the correct frame of mind to deal with them.

She was also seeking direct answers which the spirit world was unable to provide; this left her unsettled and not content. That internal imbalance, with the addition of the conflict in the family, allowed a disruptive spirit the opportunity to attach to her.

It’s clear to me that the visit from the door knockers was not a coincidence and the universe planned it this way. We all learned something from the experience. I was rewarded and then humbled.

What’s with the disruption of voice?

In these two experiences my voice was disrupted or changed without me having any control. Prior to this, I had experienced times where I had lost the channel or the connection with a spirit and I felt like I was talking around in circles or just not making sense anymore.

It has occurred to me from this experience that if my throat is being blocked and I can’t get the words out, that they are wrong and I need to approach from a different direction. It was also a humorous experience to be saying a name in my head and have a different one come out of my mouth because I had one letter wrong.

This happens often and I have learnt to listen to that feeling. I recently had an instance where I tried to ignore it and said something completely wrong. After which I was reprimanded by the spirit in a hilarious way. That’s a blog for another time…


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