A cleanse with the guest that came home with me- Part 2

A cleanse with the guest that came home with me- Part 2

Psst- you need to have read Part 1 for this to make sense!

After the spirit goes over to the light

It’s an amazing feeling. A weight has been lifted. A puzzle has been solved. But there’s an exchange of energy; it’s this positive elation that lets you know it was a success and the otherside has accepted this soul.

Each spirit is a person, just without body. Like humans, when you help them both parties come out better at the end. You learn something about yourself in the process of helping someone and that’s a great thing.

Beautiful as it is, life continues

My husband was having a birthday and we went down to Sydney for dinner and drinks with the gang. You may have read Stephs blog or seen posts about her. My husband and Stephs husband are school friends. Steph and I have always been tight, our birthday’s are one day apart. I consider Steph my spiritual sister and I often consult her for all things spiritual.

This night was a catch up so I had lots to tell. Or so I thought. Steph’s an emath so she can link in with feelings and her guides quicker than you can blink.

Steph assessed my spiritual position

Without asking but that’s how we are haha.

She advised that I had an attachment to me. I replied by saying that it could be a few things and listed them, with the last one being Jonathan. “Ohhhh”, she said. Then described him: “He’s short, balding. I see him as a laborer but down on the ground type work. Very striking eyes and lots of personality”, she rattled off with ease. “Not a bad or massive attachment but a few tendrils hanging on”.

Nailed it.

I knew why

Another mentor says that cleansings can be dangerous because you always feel for the people and spirits you’re helping. That love can leave you open. I really wanted to help this family because they are my good friends. On top of this I believe that Jonathan and I shared¬† mutual trust too.

His charisma made me feel comfortable and I cared for him and supported him when he needed it. He might not have wanted to leave me because of the familiarity. He might have wanted some of my light for the next part of his journey.

He needed to let go

My energy is my energy. It protects me, fuels me, inspires me and allows me to learn. I also run a very busy life so the energy I have is precious. I had to lay down some boundaries and stand my ground.

For this I went to my room where we passed Jonathan over and smudged myself. I told him that it was time for him to let go an fully commit to the next stage of his journey. I acknowledged the lessons he had taught me. Then I used my Selenite wand to cut any tendrils from my spiritual body.

All done!

Jonathan has gone now and has not made any trips back to see me. I wish him all the best. My love goes out to the family who can now move on.

Erin L&B

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