A cleanse with the guest that came home with me -Part 1

A cleanse with the guest that came home with me -Part 1

This cleanse started like many others with a child that wasn’t comfy in their room and a chat between friends.

A child with paranormal afflictions

One of my childhood friends posted a pic of their child on Facebook as a memory from a few years ago. It showed her boy standing up in a school uniform with his hands in front of him. There ere other kids (blacked out intentionally) around him. The creepy-ish part was that there was another hand enveloping his hands. Like a hand shake or an adult holding hands with a child for support/love/guidance.

The general consensus of this picture was that it was paranormal and it kind of freaked the mum out a bit. I said that I would like to help if they wanted it.

To start with I was struggling a little to get information. Maybe it was because I am close to the family. maybe it’s because they didn’t want me to know anything. I’d try to feel the energy as I drove near their house to work.

A few things have come to me while I’m driving. I think it’s because driving in some ways allows me to meditate. Anyway, one day I was in the vicinity of their house and I got the grandfather figure.

There was a little concerned that I wasn’t getting any information and that there might have been a reason for this so I showed the photo to a psychic friend of mine that can read photo’s and is spectacularly gifted. He thought that it was not a negative spirit and was more like a grandfather. It’s good when energy lines up like that.

On the evening of the cleanse

On a previous trip to Tasmania I had purchased a clear quartz with tourmaline spikes that I took for the boy. I also had a variety of other crystals for him and his mum.

The kids and mum were all home; as it turns out, not the best move but it as what it was. I asked the boy about his experiences and did a walk through the house making note of any energy I felt. There was certainly something in his room but I didn’t feel it was evil. It felt warm but active.

I cleansed the house and did some meditating in the boys room. The spirit tried to connect with me but I could only see a gold colour and get a name. Initially I thought it might have been the boys non-relative spirit guide.

It was nearing the kids bedtime and they were restless. Also, they had a lady with pink hair burning sage going through their house and muttering in every room. The poor mum had an eventful night trying to get her two little ones to sleep. Now I won’t do a cleanse with children in the house and I certainly would not have done it while they were there if I felt it was a threatening spirit.

I did not feel like it was complete but as you may know by now, that sometimes happens. Some time by myself was needed to work it out.

That night back at my house

My husband and I put some Selenite between our pillows for protection and aiding in communication. I also had some black Obsidian next to my bed. I must have known something was not right but I was tired and not paying attention.

In the middle of the night my husband had a terrible nightmare and I had an awful dream at the same time. We both woke up in sweat and fear. The Selenite was new but was from a reputable store and I had thoroughly cleansed it so I didn’t think something had come home with it.

I believed Jonathan had come home with me.

He had.

The next day one of my elderly dogs was having a huge operation. I had a little cry on the way to work because I was worried about him. On top of the bad sleep we’d both had it made for a very tiring day.

But I wanted to see if I could make contact with Jonathan. I wanted him out of the house and onto the next part of his journey. So I stayed at home with the puppy patient and did some meditating. I could feel him there at the end of my bed and to the right but he was keeping his distance. My guides were advising him to stay away. I told him to let us sleep this night and that I would help him the following day.

The next evening I decided to stay home and care for our patient. I took this time to try and help Jonathan pass over. Well, he had no choice; he was going happily or he was going to be kicked out.

We had a chat about why he was stuck here and why he was harassing the boy. He felt that he didn’t deserve to go over. “Why not?” I asked, “Tom foolery”, he said. I took this to mean that he had been disloyal to his family and wife. Looking at him he was short, not too stocky but strong, balding or very short shaved hair, alert and cheeky blue eyes and olive skin. I felt he had been a tiler or a concreter, that type of trade. He had a charisma and I understood how he ended up in situations where he then made bad choices.

I asked him why he was hanging around the boy and my understanding was because he wanted to be around a male energy and there were no other men in the house at that time. The boy, being young would have some sensitivity and light that spirits are attracted to as well. Things work in weird ways so he may have gone to the child in the hopes of help. He didn’t want to harass the child and did have some regrets about putting the child through some fear.

Going to the light

This was a funny one because the spirit was nervous about going. The light was a big gold portal in front of him. He kept going towards the light and then retreating back anxiously. I had to tell him that he could not stay and that he would need to face his consequences eventually. I was understanding but firm in my resolve to get him over.

He started towards the light again; arms up protecting his face from the light. As soon as he got near it just sucked him in. Quickly. It was so fast- he was there and then, gone. No more Jonathan in my room.

Cleanses always change you a little bit

Mainly it’s because you need to understand a spirit and their life or emotions in some way to help them. In this case I love the family I was helping but I also felt warm towards Jonathan. I think his charisma softened my attitude towards him. We became mates in a way because he had to trust the process I was delivering. I, on the other hand, had a responsibility to complete the process for him and his journey.


But this was not the end of Jonathan…

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