A cleanse in two parts

A cleanse in two parts

Not all cleansing and spirit rescues are resolved on the initial visit. While it’s my aim, sometimes things don’t go to plan. This blog covers many smaller ideas and experiences which I will happily elaborate on in later posts.

Recently a spirit and I had some unfinished business. I had done a house cleansing for my friend which
was successful, but at the time I hadn’t worked out that I could help spirits over. It resulted in the
him being stuck out the front of their house and not wanting my help.

The initial contact

A few years ago my husband and I had gone to a friends house for dinner. When I was in the bathroom the door handle started rattling about. It was summer so everyone was downstairs and no one was up there with me. But I felt the spirit was male.

We were newish friends but nonetheless I decided to ask her if she had spirit experiences in the house and she said she had. Throughout this chat I said that I could cleanse her house but she declined because she felt like the spirit wasn’t bad. She was very close to her family in spirit within the house and didn’t want to lose them or that connection.

This is understandable and important.

We should be close to our loved ones if they are around; they might be there to help us, guide us or provide comfort and support in our times of need. They may also just pop in because they want to be around for the important moments. These are positive spirits and can come and go because they have already passed over. A cleansing won’t get rid of these spirits that have your best interests at heart.

I didn’t agree that the spirit was her family but I respected her decision. It wasn’t the right time.

I felt that keeping the male spirit around was inconsiderate for him but there’s no forcing these things and she was fairly comfortable with the way it was.

The cleanse

Many months passed- dinners were had, wine was drunk and the friendship grew. Eventually we started talking about a creepy money box she had found and the resident spirit. She was starting to feel uncomfortable with the male spirit around and we revisited the cleanse idea. I had channeled some information along the way too; I felt he was a bully and sometimes I heard him laugh. She always felt him in the bathroom and felt like he was making fun of her and enjoying her fear.

My opinion was that no one should feel uncomfortable in their home and I hated seeing a friend even remotely unhappy at home. So we decided to do a cleanse.

I took all my stuff over to her place and I as I was checking the house for vortexes we got the the spare room where there was some energy above a section of the bed. I didn’t know but right below my pendulum was the creepy money box.

The cleansing went well; I wanted my friend to take back control of their house so she helped. I gave her directions on making a barrier around their house for protection against future activity. The negative spirit activity ceased and everyone went about their business.

I did have some additional impressions from the spirit- I felt his bullying meanness was a cover for insecurity and a lack of love in his life.

Second thoughts

A number of months after this cleansing I had learnt about helping spirits in need and I had done one or two
rescues (stories for another night). I started feeling guilty that I hadn’t helped him out. I couldn’t feel, see or hear him in the house so I thought I’d lost my chance. It was really annoying me and I thought about him often.

One night we were over at their house and I heard this shouting from the front gate. Well he was ANGRY, shouting profanities and threatening my friend. I can understand; I had booted him out of the house but he was like a whirl‐wind of anger at their gate so that’s not healthy. Jobs need to be fully completed so I started
thinking about how I could help him. There was a large inkling that he was not going to respond well to me…

The healing

Enter another great friend Steph, who has amazing abilities with guides, spirits and everything else. She had helped me from afar with a previous job and I wanted her to be a part of Light & Bright formally but we had never had the chance. I thought that she could help me with this unfinished business because she would offer the softness and love that the spirit needed and would not accept from me.

We arranged a weekend to go over to the house and started preparing. She was doing her thing I had done some meditations.

In my meditating I had asked for some guidance. In the first one I was shown the horizon with the sun in the background which meant something to me. The second one was funny because I had allowed 30 minutes for the meditation and I got the answers I needed in about 3 minutes. They said that we just needed to prevail with love and kindness. I told them I had 27 more minutes but there was nothing else to give. Quite simple really.

On the day

Steph and I met at my house and I pulled a tarot card to keep in my mind for the afternoon- it was a card for enlightenment and soul searching but a lovely soft card that corroborated the messages I had already received. We both also took some crystals.

When we got to the house Steph said the first thing she heard from him was ‘#@$! she bought back up’. We gave the dogs a pat over the fence and settled down in front of the gate.

I had always seen this spirit as an angry frustrated teenager with black hair that was happy to fight but Steph saw him as a little boy with burgundy shorts, no shirt and messy hair; a little scrapper.

As suspected, he didn’t want a bar of me and I was ok with this- I was happy for Steph to take the lead and work her way through her first rescue with my support.

She spent some time talking to him, hearing his story and understanding where he was coming from. This was very important. His father was not a nice man and the spirit was upset that his mum hadn’t helped him. He then acknowledged that his mum had been in the same situation he realised that she did love him.

Spirit rescue

We sat there connecting with him for a few minutes and then he dropped out. This was a sudden lack of
connection, not a dwindle, just a complete shut off. We came back to ourselves, regathered and made a plan.

Closing our eyes Steph got him again and I had his mum; I just wanted her to stay with me until he was ready.

He showed Steph him and his mum walking the family working dog which we took to mean that this was one of the only good memories he had. We thought he dropped out because he was afraid he would have to see his father again. Steph consoled him and got him to be ready to pass over.

Now that he was ready the spirits mum moved forward and they held hands and walked towards the beach at the end of the road toward the horizon- exactly what I had seen in my meditation. Steph and I both instantly felt a massive lurch from our belly to our mouth and opened our eyes. Steph was crying for the boy but happy he had was able to find love and peace. I was pleased that he could now be at peace.

All of which he deserved.

I was proud of the boy to make that step to heal; he was very brave. I was also proud of Steph who was amazing and held her own.

She now feels confident in the process and is my Light and Bright partner!

Erin- Light & Bright

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